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Creating the future of circular manufacturing with

Stanley Black and Decker
Elemental Excelerator
Aligned Data Centers
iMasons Climate Accord
plus leading electronics brands under NDA...

One product’s end becomes another’s new beginning 

Manufacturing can be hard and expensive enough before you even consider what happens to your products at their end-of-life. Our circular manufacturing technology makes it possible to transform your existing product line or develop your next generation of market offerings into cost-effective, scalable, circular products enabling new business models and economics with less impact to the planet.  

Circular Manufacturing Diagram

Robot-first approach to assembly + disassembly 

Most electronic products are still designed to be assembled by lines of people with hand tools and little to no consideration is given to how to take them apart. Our process starts by using our proprietary software to generate and place computable bi-direction assembly methods into your products. Think less screws, and more clever, but not too clever, snaps, press-fits, latches, etc.

Molg Microfactory

Scalably recover & reuse valuable components, avoid the landfill

Disassemble, inspect, and re-qualify components for n-th lives in new products, and for materials and components that have reached the end of their journey with you, send them to the best downstream partner for that material with confidence for high purity recycling.

ABB Robot Arm MOLG

Track and quantify your products + assets with OriginMark™

Encapsulating the material composition, embodied carbon, and digital assembly and recover processes of your product or asset, OriginMark™ is an open standard developed by the team at MOLG to provide transparency, traceability, and identification. 

OriginMark App Feature

Want to make your next product circular? Let’s chat.