Carbon neutral devices.
Cost-effective send backs
Localized micro-factories
These are just some of the challenges our circular manufacturing technology is looking to solve.

pcba extraction

Our approach to sustainable, cost-effective assembly + disassembly

Molg assembly methods

Robot-first assembly methods

Designed to be handled with and understood by the molg robotic system, a library of assembly methods are available to be generated and integrated into the design.
molg cad plugin

Software-defined design process

Parametrically create and integrate the molg assembly methods into your CAD model with the molg plug-in software, currently build for Autodesk Fusion 360.
robot simulation

Automatic testing & validate in simulation

As you define and integrate the assembly methods in the design, test and validate your assembly and disassembly processes in near real-time with simulation.
ABB Robot Arm MOLG

Run on micro-factory deployments

Run and scale your production on high density deployable micro-factories for both your assembly and disassembly needs.

Thinking of going circular with your product? Let's work together.

We work with a wide range of companies and product teams from growth-stage startups to Fortune 100s. Our team can work with you on transforming existing products line to starting from scratch and building R&D and new product introduction (NPI) programs. Within molg, we have a team of experienced mechanical, electrical, software, and robotic engineers to deliver on your circular vision.

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