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MOLG, a circular manufacturing company, developed a new open standard for material traceability called OriginMark™, which enables unprecedented transparency and value recovery opportunities in the circular economy.

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OriginMark™ is an open standard developed to support traceability of products & structures:

originmark material composition
Material Composition
Assembly Hierarchy
carbon footprint tracking
Embodied Carbon
originmark disassembly and recovery tracking
Disassembly + Circularity
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Material + Assembly Traceability

from sub-component level

Capable of capturing the lowest level details of the components inside your assets and products, the OriginMark tools capture the relationship between components and establish scalable assembly hierarchies.  

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to building scale and beyond

Given OriginMark’s unique assembly relationship data structure, valuable data, such as embodied carbon, can be computed based on roll-up aggregate total of materials and processes inside the individual components, whether that is an individual units, an entire buildings, or a global asset portfolios.

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